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Psychic Protection for the Soul (2.5 hour Workshop)

Psychic Protection for the Soul (2.5 hour Workshop)

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Are you an empath, do you keep on picking up on other people vibrations and negative or even positive?

Now this is all good as long as you know how to work with energy .
As you work with energy, energy works with you!
So, in this 2 and half hour online workshop you will  
Learn True Psychic- Soul Protection!
Learn all about your energy Bodies and you over Soul
Learn how to energetically clear and shield your energy body! (SOUL) 
Learn how to use tools to create a stronger more clearer energy body!
Learn about energy vampires and how to clear negative energies
Learn about the effects of Spiritual attachments and lower vibrational energies
Learn how to clear your energy when you are feeling overwhelmed and tired
And many more tips to raise your vibrational energy and recognise energy
You will also very powerfully reduce stress and clear your mind!

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