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  • Spiritual Mentor Life Coach and Author Sherry van t Hag is an Award-Winning Psychic Medium with over 30 years experience.  

    As one of Australia’s most experienced mediums she is very highly regarded for her not only incredible but very accurate predictions.

    Sherry is a natural Psychic and Medium who has dedicated her life to learning and teaching Spirituality.

  • Author, Speaker & Life Coach

    Also a dynamic speaker and Life Coach.

    Her two books "Eternal Soul The Afterlife" and "How to work with your Angels" add to her credibility as a gifted medium. 

    Sherry has appeared on Radio and TV and continues to be at forefront of her industry.  

  • Sherry has just released her first set of Angel Prayer Cards, a 44 card deck, boxed & complete with gold trim, assisting you to communicate with your Angels.

    You can learn through Sherry's amazing Spiritual School, The Australian School of Spiritual Development (ASSD), have a reading with her, purchase her beautiful books and cards and follow her socials for sound spiritual guidance and inspirational teachings! 

  • Readings with Sherry - Testimonial

    I have so many wonderful things to say about my reading with Sherry..

    Some readers will ask questions to learn about you and what’s going on in your life and I was pleasantly surprised that Sherry wanted zero info.

    Right off the bat when she was feeling into my aura, she landed of every single thing I have been feeling for months.

    I had a friend of mine with me countless times our eyes met thinking ‘O my God!’ And ‘how does she know?

    Sherry’s intuitive knowledge had us both shaking and brought to tears and smiles with the insane accuracy of the reading.

    Sherry even used some of the same words that I use. Her reading made me feel so validated which is one of the best feelings when you are struggling.

    Sherry lifted a giant weight off my shoulders, from my heart, and gave me hope. Thank you so much Sherry

    Victoria Mast Montreal

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