Eternal Soul (E book)

Eternal Soul - The Afterlife 

This book reveals the most amazing true-life stories of a medium whom in her search for answers to life's questions for more than thirty years has been blessed with a wealth of knowledge and experiences.
This comprehensive book covers many subjects all designed to remind us of our Eternal existence. Sherry speaks directly about the oneness of all life and who we are as beings. Laugh and cry as Sherry touches your heart with her poignant words.A beautiful book designed to awaken humanity to the fact that we are all Eternal souls. With so many stories to tell and many more to come this could be the first of a series of books. Her poem at the beginning portrays the very nature of living and dying.
A truly invoking book about the Afterlife and how to live!
If you are seeking to understand the true meaning of life and grow spiritually then Sherry's candid book that reaches
into the heart of truth is for you