Body Temple Clothing Co

I had a crazy idea to create apparel with a message for people! 

You see I want to spread Love and Light into this world and I have done so for many years in many ways.

Creating my own Clothing line is a way I can help others express their amazing selves!

Wear your truth and better still influence the world with the words you wear,  be it spiritual or humorous.  

LIFE IS A JOURNEY!  And it's a beautiful Journey when we discover that we are all amazing Souls on this Planet and we are all connected!  UNIVERSAL LOVE IS MY MOTTO!

These beautiful T- Shirts come in various sizes and styles all with a gorgeous message that you can proudly wear and lift the spirits of those around you as well as yourself of course. 

We are all beautiful, powerful and special beings. We are all worthy. We are all equal and I know that we are ALL ONE HUMANITY!

ENJOY wearing quality apparel with a message - SHOP HERE for yours!

Love Sherry X